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Antique & Vintage

As a puritan, an antique rug is over 100 years old. Ideally in rugs pre 1900 as the quality of dyes changed after this point with as always a few exceptions as it is the rug world! Hadji Jalili, MotashemKashan, Laver Kerman all desired exemplary examples of fine city weaves. Zieglar, Ushak, Serapi, Agra, Heriz, Mahal, Fereghan are large decorative village carpets. Qashqai, Khamseh, Belouch, Kazak, to name a few of smaller intricate weave smaller tribal and regional rugs. What to look for....? Movement in the design, good clean colour, ideally natural dyes (look as good as a bunch of flowers) wool that ‘sings’ have a wonderful lustre, not shiny but just that extra something. Vintage and the wonderful semi old pieces. Usually 60ish years old, still a great weave if less desirable colours used. Many are given a harsh chemical wash to meet current interior design trend. Our collection of hand knotted & naturally dyed rugs.

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