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Over the years we have had multiple case studies from bespoke stairs cases with half-landings to a straight run restoring an antique kilim that's been in situ for over 40 years to mix and matching floral runners to splitting tribal gidgims. All have been unique briefs, stair widths, shapes drops, and sizes.

Personally, i consider many reasons to add a rug or kilim to the stairs, many we have listed below.
Safety -  with wood and stone being quite slippery surfaces adding a carpet not only adds safety underfoot but also comfort.

Noise - carpet absorbs noise on hard surfaces, making trips up and down the stairs far quieter.

Style - let's be unique, stylish, on-trend or just out there! With wool being the strongest fibre and rugs having been around for centuries and totally restorable with heavy use what better way to brighten up a home and create a feature of your staircase.


We offer a full service of sourcing or bespoke design all the way through to installation, asking the right questions to suit the area, and working closely with you to provide a simple stress-free service.
Do contact us for a full design service or if you have a stair runner in need of some care and attention we also provide cleaning and restoration services.

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