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Original Antique Aubusson circa 1860 -2.jpg
Tapestry & Aubussons

Tapestry & Aubusson

Aubusson and Tapestries, similar in weave to a kilim these finer flat weaves are more decorative in their design and use. Aubussons a classic French flat weave of originally produced in the 19thcentury. These mainly depict floral designs but some have musical instruments integrated within them in silk. Tapestries, hung by the nature of their designs, some hunting or religious, others a simpler village countryside with people and animals. Historically woven for practical reasons, to keep out the cold and absorb noise. Similar in weave to a kilim at first sight but not. It doesn’t have to have the slit for shapes or feather edging. Restoration although feasible is more specialist.

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