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We would always recommend starting with the rug or carpet and then work your way up through the room.

Budget and size are immediate factors to consider which narrows the choice immensely and then colour restriction is also in play, which is where we come in.

Designers know their layouts, fabrics, lighting details and know how to plan the overall atmosphere of a room. With further research I have been surprised that as yet and I wait to be corrected, that not a single interior design course focuses on this one major surface that brings the room together, softens the sound and visually brings a room and scale of space together.

Designers therefore turn to us for our knowledge of product, be it ‘off the peg’ shown in situ or made to order as a concept from a mood board through to sampling and finally end production. Budget and timescale always taken into consideration.

We have set commission levels depending on whether we work direct with the client, the designer and geographically the number of visits required.

Please contact Rachel 07885 757796 or submit and enquiry below for further information.

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