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Rachels favourite to restore. These handknotted rugs tell the most about a person, how many weavers were involved in the making of the rug and the days when they were tired, angry or a different weaver as the tension or motifs can suddenly stop and change dramatically throughout. Historically often a gentleman’scollectors carpet. Drawing on the days of the travel, exposure to living and working abroad including during the British Empire,and more. A tribal rug reflects the weavers’immediate surroundings. Motifs are stylizedimages of plants, fields,and animals, and occasionally people. Dyes have movement, as the wool if often dyed as they need it which creates what we term an ‘abrash’ or dye bath change. Each tribal region has its own variant on it weave, a cotton waropp usually signifies a settled tribe while a woolenwarp is often from their own flock as their rugs become not only a useful item for themselves but an economic commodity to trade. Other factors which can help distinguish theexact tribe are the colour ofthe weft,and the weave itself is it aPersian or Turkish knot? ​ The rug can tell a story where a weaver has married into the tribe. Once Rachel owned a worn rug on one half, only small 90cm x 130cm. Initially bought for cushions until close inspection ledto the knowledge that the worn half was in the Persian knot but on parallel warps while the other half had used the Turkish knot and in a full pile. This led to the knowledge that the Persian knot weaver had married into the tribe, that she knew the symbols and how to weave but that subtle difference led to the rug being one of the most interesting from an anthropological point. Gidgims, flatweaves or blankets are often woven in thin strips or a backstrap loom, for ease of transport. Often the strips are aimed at matching but the reality is usually close but not exact. At times a rug can be woven in 2 halves, as the weaver knows they only have time to weave one half while at the summer camp before migrating, at times this is especially seen with a sudden simplification within the border.

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