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Meet the Team

The unbeaten knowledge of rugs for Sales, Cleaning, Restoration and Design/Production of Oriental Traditional and Contemporary Rugs is what makes The Rug Studio unique. 

The team help tailor clients briefs in the finer subtleties of achieving their ideal environment and desired atmosphere while considering traffic level, colour, size and budget. 

Questioning the quality of materials used, the size, weave and dyes for the space required are all factors that the studio staff will discuss with you. Ensuring you are achieving the best piece possible for the space.

Rachel Bassill The Rug Studio - Stamford, London, Holt, Cotswolds


Rachel Bassill

Rugs are truly a passion for Rachel. They've been an extension of a childhood hobby, nurtured through specialist training at art school and immersive experiences in weaving areas across the Middle East and South America. Over 30 years later, 'Rachel Rugs' emerged, a name fondly bestowed upon her by many.


Production of bespoke items and the restoration of old and worn rugs are Rachel's true calling. Working closely with her teams in India, she finds joy in breathing new life into cherished pieces. This passion she has passed on to her team, instilling in them a dedication to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.


Rachel believes that when one owns an antique rug, they become its caretaker. It's about more than just maintaining it; it's about preserving its history and beauty for generations to come. With the art of hand-knotted rugs slowly fading, Rachel strives to ensure that each piece is appreciated and understood.


In her studio, Rachel shares as much or as little as you, the client, desire. Whether it's understanding the intricacies of restoration or simply enjoying the beauty of a bespoke creation, Rachel and her team are committed to exceeding your expectations.

Mobile: 07885 757796


Erin Chamberlain The Rug Studio

Executive Assistant

Erin Chamberlain

Erin is based in Stamford and coordinates all things admin and behind the scenes.

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