About The Team

The team aid both private clients and interior designers in the finer subtleties in achieving their ideal environment with one of the first questions in purchasing a rug being… what atmosphere are they wanting the space to achieve, what traffic level will it receive before the obvious questions of colour and size.

The team will guide and help clients in the choosing of a purchase from the studio at market led prices and closely follow not only UK trends but international fashion too.

Sales, Cleaning, Restoration and Design of Oriental Rugs the quality of materials used, the correct weave for the space required are all factors that the studio staff will discuss with the potential buyer to ensure you are always achieving the best market rate for the piece.

Rachel Simpson - Proprietor

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After 5 years training at art school Rachel obtained her Bachelors Degree in Woven textiles, specialising as a rug weaver.

This skill and understanding led to learning the art of restoration in the UK with both Persian and Western dealers before continuing her training in Konya, Turkey.

Production of bespoke items and restoration of old and worn rugs and carpets is a passion for Rachel which she has passed onto her team and ensures customer understanding and confidence in the work carried out with the studio.

Rachel believes that when one owns an antique rug to consider yourself the caretaker in charge of the piece, maintaining and looking after the piece to the best of ones abilities. With stock in house dating back to the early 19th Century and a large database of contacts to source that special piece from China, Caucasia, Turkey, Iran, India to name a few, Rachel believes with the skill and art-form deteriorating the art of a true hand knotted rug must be appreciated and understood.


Fiona Jones - In House Restorer

Having specialized in hair insertion, colouring heads and freelance at Madame Tussauds for over 20 years. Fiona now runs a B&B and dabbles in interior design which has lead her down the path of restoring rugs.

She has turned her understanding of colour which compliments the skills she has now acquired since working at The Rug Studio.

Kieran Bland - Website and Advertisement Design


Kieran has been a valued member of the team since February 2016. He began in sales at the studio, where he undertook tasks such as appointments/visits, fairs and in-house work at Uppingham. He has since further progressed to advertisement design and website design for The Rug Studio in the last two years. He works exclusively on a regular basis on the website remotely outside of the shop alongside his studies at University, where he is studying Film Production at the University for the Creative Arts.