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Traditional Rugs


Village Pieces These are traditional decorative designs sometimes with a central medallion and other times an all-over floral or geometric format. As with all rugs there are no hard fast rules. Just that a village rug would normally have been woven by a family within the home with possibly a loom manager overseeing the production quality and providing materials as required. These have character, and faults as some would say as when motifs are stretched by one weaver or forgotten by another. The intermediate transition between tribal and workshop/city weaving. These pieces often represent garden formats, stylized flowers and scenery with clever use of colour sometimes seen with the central medallion fading from deep aqua to a light one. This is to represent the image of standing at the side of a pool or fountain.    Workshop / city weaves Usually woven to a graph, often a quarter repeat or half repeat these are a mathematical count of precise execution for the design. A fault should not be found within these pieces. The central medallion is often based on the design of the ceiling of a mosque and foreshortening of the design is occasionally seen to maintain balance. Like tribal pieces each city has its own style of weave, a number of knots usually found or ‘la’ and are distinguished by the fineness of the warp sometimes silk with a woolen pile or silk on silk. Always listen to these rugs to ensure they are not dry and cracked.

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