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How to care for your Handmade Rug

1) Remove outdoor shoes as much as possible.

2) Sluice stains immediately ideally with soda water and blot with a plain white kitchen towel or rag (so as not to transfer any dye)

3) Take it up and put it in the sunshine for a day or two to let it air and kill any moth eggs.

4) Lightly brush whenever possible as opposed to vacuum. Do not vacuum over the edges but instead along or parallel so as not to destroy the fringes.

5) Clean underneath the rug as this is where the grit lays and eventually causes an abrasion or hole.

How to clean your handmade rug:

Always ask a specialist oriental carpet dealer to clean the rug, do not use a domestic carpet cleaning machine.

In the event, you choose to try for yourself with a hose always dry the rug flat and within 2-3 days otherwise, your rug may look fine but will, in fact, have started to rot from the inside out which over time will rip like shredded paper. Hence why I always need to listen to a rug to hear how healthy it really is.

Stain minimalization :

Almost all stains can be treated as long as we are dealing with the stain and not a chemical reaction. Most modern spot removers contain a bleaching agent which might remove the stain but will leave an area lighter than where the stain was.

Accidents happen often around the home, water spillages from watering plants, pen leaks, or pet “accidents” are some of the most common. Please note pet urine is not possible to remove the stain from, we can stabilize it and replace the colour but not remove the yellow stain on an ivory rug. The knots would have to be removed and replaced for this.

Simply sluice with soda water, this has the right ph. value and will neutralize the stain, then blot the excess water and dry flat. Remember to always dab the area with an undyed cloth to prevent any dye transfer, do not use circular motions as this may damage the pile of the rug and cause further damage. Let your rug dry naturally.

General comments:

With over 30 years of experience in the cleaning and restoration of Persian, Oriental, and contemporary rugs there aren’t many incidents and accidents we haven’t been able to help with and will always do our best for you and your rug.

We use natural soaps and traditional methods to clean and restore even the most unforgiving of stains, ensuring we retain the structure and colour bringing the rug back to looking like new.

It is recommended to have your handmade rug professionally cleaned every 5 – 7 years, we liken it to a woollen jumper, would you wear a jumper that has not been thoroughly cleaned regularly?

Your handmade rug will hold dust and dirt between the weave which although cannot be seen it will inevitably slowly be causing damage to your rug, especially if leftover time. Dust attracts pests who are attracted to the lanolin in the wool, pests such as moths will leave their larvae in your rug who have a taste for beautiful handmade pieces and within weeks can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage.

The safest way to keep your carpet protected from critters, once professionally cleaned we recommend having it moth proofed, using a safe chemical spray, we spray your freshly cleaned rug with a solution that contains magnesium silicofluoride, which changes the taste of the wool to the moth larvae therefore putting them off returning to your precious Persian.

Having your rug professionally cleaned regularly will also contribute to better air quality and hygiene within the home which over the past few years we are all more aware off.

When we take your rug in for cleaning if we see any signs of, moth damage, damage or weak areas we will always let you know and offer a quotation for restoration which you are not obliged to accept. We would rather ensure our clients are well informed about their handmade rug and any issues that may present in the future if not resolved.

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