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Rachel Bassill's Antique Rug Buying Tips

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Rachel's tips for choosing an antique rug to go in a modern space with contemporary furniture?

An Antique rug can introduce a splash of colour and texture. Often Antique rugs are handwoven from quality wools which hold onto the colour and lustre for years beyond our lifetime, so they really do lift a modern interior.

Buy it because you like it, there are no hard and fast rules to interior design and complementing your interior with an antique rug because it catches your eye is particularly fashionable and adds a little of the unexpected to your design.

Work out a size that fits showing the furniture off as much as the rug, its important to consider scale, balance and proportion when selecting the perfect rug.

Rachel's tips for people looking to buy antique rugs – what to be aware of/look out for/avoid?

It is essential to look for the following

- signs of moth, either deterioration or moth eggs

- Colour run

- Age, is it worn as it can be for its age, are there any holes, warps, or fraying?

- Fringes, are they all intact?

Is it hand woven? Does it all work together?

Quite often they are thin by nature so look to have an underlay to feel more pile and help the durability of it and the overall feel of it.

If you are spending a few thousand do ask for independent advice to ensure you understand the piece, its longevity and whether restorations costs maybe be involved for the use you require it for.

When buying an antique rug ensure you go to a reputable dealer who has a good reputation in the trade.

For more advice and help purchasing an Antique Rug contact us here

Click here to view our in house Antique Collection or view collections in our Stow-on-the-Wold studio which is our dedicated Antique studio

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