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Scandinavian Kilim Collection

The Scandinavian Kilim Collection is handmade in India. The inspiration for these beautiful designs comes from the River Ganges which flows by the town of Mirzapur where Rachel our proprietor initially worked and set up a workshop over 20 years ago.

Inspiration combines simple shapes and graceful symmetry with soft colouring woven in old tradition but reflecting the Scandinavian design that has become synonymous with our modern interiors.

A flatweave kilim is a beautiful addition to any home. It is a conscious choice not only for the sustainable wool material, timeless design but also for its longevity and durability, making them Ideal for high-traffic areas of your home.

The process for making these lovely masterpieces starts with the sheep which are bred in the state of Rajasthan in India. The wool from the sheep is processed in factories and then dyed in large vats depending on the colour chosen for the weave.

Whilst the wool is processed a CAD graph of the design is prepared by the designer who decides in which quality the rug is to be manufactured. This then assists the weavers in preparing the loom, installing the Tana or the warp.

The weave is then initiated by the weavers, using a system where they lock the tufts with the weft thread after every row. The timing of this process is dependent on the quality, it can take from several days to several weeks for a highest quality.

Once completed the rug is removed from the loom and taken to the factory for finishing. The edges are bound, and the rug may be washed or left unwashed as per the requirements of the client. The whole process is highly labour intensive.

The collection is made to order giving you the option of size, colour, and finish to suit the requirements for your home and budget.

We offer a full bespoke design service from design, production to laying in situ.

We also specialise in sales, cleaning, and restoration services nationally and can arrange for collection and delivery on all our services.

For Further information contact Rachel our experienced rug weaver

Mobile: 07885 757796




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