The main shop and the team are in based in the heart of Uppingham, Rutland in the old toll house. Centrally located within the UK the teams base holds new collections, restores in house smaller projects and is the hub for the business.

The studio share a warehouse space in Acton, London, W3. Which holds one of the largest selections of Antique and Semi-old Persian, Caucasian and Turkomen Rugs in London while also holding the largest selection of new Persian and Indian latest collections to be found, with the team you meet personally travelling and having stories to match the rugs one sees.

Clients are welcome to make an appointment and see the greater array of rugs than can possibly fit into the shop. While the concession in Holt, Norfolk is where Rachel saw an opportunity to extend the studio to a greater audience based inside an antiques and interiors centre on the outskirts of this popular holiday and retirement location. Here a small collection of our style is available always showing latest trends, whilst also holding the ‘affordable’ impulse purchase