JUNE 2016

Summer is upon us and so has the time of the annual fairs that Rachel will be exhibiting at.
The first one of the Summer Season is the Spirit of Summer Fair (Formally known as House & Gardens)

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for updated news on the event and a chance to win a pair of tickets to the fair.

Come and see Rachel and her amazing range of rugs and carpets.
We are also currently awaiting the shipment of 3 Rex Ray Designs and the popular Pebbles to arrive for the Fair.

Come and visit our stand and see some of these exclusive and show stopping designs.

Bryant Park (Silver) - 241 x 305cm

Leonardo Collection - (Rimini Blue) - 305 x 445cm

Amour Reserve Wool & Silk (Thrill) - 274 x 353cm

Mayfair Wool & Silk (Hay Mews Ivory) - 277 x 371cm

Amour Reserve Wool & Silk (Dalliance Maize) - 246 x 312cm

Tompkins (Cranberry) - 200 x 250cm

Tres Jolie Collection (Collette Grey Gold) - 305 x 363cm

Tompkins (Plum) - 200 x 250cm.

The Rug Studio