About Our Collections

Current collections include the internationally renowned American artist Rex Ray, the latest trend transitional raised silk and wool designs and the thought provoking Antique tribal and decorative pieces

New production Kazak, Zieglars and Agras complement their colour field, textured simple rugs and reproduction kilims.

In the event you are unsure what you are looking for then you are welcome to show images collected from magazines and on the internet which will give us an immediate database of styles for you to choose from. 

Rachel personally continues to seek out new stock and exciting collections, restores when possible and travels to maintain her relationship with her international contacts. Our large scale restoration is currently carried out in Turkey, while bespoke production is usually carried out in India with occasional items are produced in Iran or Afghanistan. International travel is carried out with Rachel or a team member overseeing the relative projects being worked on.

Ideally Rachel likes a client to source the rug first, as the more constraints the less choice, size, budget, traffic level all dictate the portfolio of goods available, throw in a large constraint of colour and the stock database may range from 30 potential pieces to only 3 or 4. Never deterred, Rachel ensures to listen to the brief before utilising her database of skills and stock knowledge enabling her to help at any time of completion of the space.

Please note colour on the screen is not always true to the carpet with some colours reflecting the light while others absorb it, Rachel always recommends seeing a rug in person prior to disregarding it from the selection.